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Guard Dog AccuFire Laser Target Pepper Spray

The AccuFire Pepper Spray is for cutting-edge self-defense solutions that combine the power of pepper spray with laser accuracy. Get ready to enhance your personal safety and confidence with our state-of-the-art Pepper Spray with Laser Accuracy, where precision meets protection.

Our Pepper Spray with Laser Accuracy goes beyond traditional pepper sprays, delivering an additional layer of assurance and confidence. The laser sight enables you to maintain a safe distance from threats while accurately aiming the spray, giving you the upper hand in any confrontational situation.

Not only does our Pepper Spray with Laser Accuracy offer precise targeting, but it also contains a potent pepper formula that immobilizes and disorients assailants instantly. The high-quality spray ensures maximum effectiveness, allowing you to protect yourself confidently and effectively.

  • The world’s only laser point aim technology integrated with a 1/2 oz pepper spray can.
  • Quick accessibility with the pepper spray keychain, great for attaching to car keys, lanyards, or bracelets
  • Can spray up to 16ft this laboratory-tested OC spray provides the essential defense range.
  • Lightweight while easily fitting in your hand, the Accufire is the best pepper spray for women, men, runners, and anyone else seeking an effective self-defense spray.
  • Lifetime Guarantee