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Guard Dog Bling It On Pepper Spray

Our Bling It On Pepper Sprays are the destination for fashionable and effective self-defense solutions that combine elegance with personal safety. Prepare to dazzle and defend with our exquisite collection of Rhinestone Pepper Sprays, where style meets protection.

Our Bling It On Pepper Sprays are not only visually appealing but also highly potent in deterring potential threats. Packed with a powerful pepper formula, they deliver a strong and incapacitating spray that will temporarily disable an attacker, giving you the precious moments needed to escape and seek help.

  • Stylish Rhinestone Design that turns your defense spray into a fashionable accessory, making it the best pepper spray for women, men, and night shift workers.
  • Up to a 16-foot spray radius matters most when searching for the best pepper spray option.
  • Keychain pepper spray that can be easily attached to purses, bags, car keys, or lanyards.
  • Glow-in-the-dark actuator makes it one of the strongest pepper spray options against potential nighttime threats.