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Guard Dog Bling It On Stun Gun

Our Bling it On Stun Gun's offer glamorous self-defense solutions that combine style, sophistication, and personal safety. Get ready to shine and stun with our stunning collection of Rhinestone Stun Guns, where fashion meets protection.

Our Bling It On Stun Guns are not only fashion-forward but also highly effective in deterring potential threats. Designed with advanced technology, they deliver a powerful electric shock that can immobilize an attacker, providing you with the confidence and peace of mind you deserve.

  • Stylish rhinestone designturns your mini stun gun into a fashionable accessory, making it the best stun gun for women, men, and night shift workers.
  • Concealed high voltage stuncapability can immobilize aggressors, or scare them off with the sound of its powerful bolt.
  • LED light to illuminate any area you may need to use your stun gun flashlight.
  • Keychain accessibility is great for attaching this mini stun gun to purses, bags, car keys, or lanyards.
  • Lifetime Warranty