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Concealed Carry Tips for Women

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The number of women who are buying guns and carrying guns concealed is growing. In fact, in2017, 27% of women gun owners say they own guns for self-defense primarily. They are buying guns because more women live alone, work long hours, and feel like they need to protect themselves. Thankfully, the concealed carry market is catering to this new group of gun owners with guns that will fit women’s unique needs.

Eclipse Holsters is women-owned and founded. In fact, Eclipse Holsters began because our founder was looking for a holster to carry a gun concealed and came up empty back in 2012. With a drive to do better, our founder, Jessica Hazelaar, made her own holster to fit her more comfortably. We understand how finding a holster can be intimidating, especially if this is your first gun you own. When you partner with us, we’ll guarantee a holster that will fit your perfectly or we’ll fix it. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our holsters because we stand behind the quality of our holsters for as long as you own it. Below, we’ll offer up tips for women who choose to conceal carry. Contact us today to learn more!


Make Sure the Gun Fits You

For those who have never carried a concealed weapon before, it can be very intimidating. After all, you are carrying around a loaded weapon that is ready to be wielded should a threat arise. That alone can be intimidating, but going into a gun store and picking out a gun can be even more so.

Before you buy a gun, Eclipse Holsters recommends that you make sure it fits you. Shoot your gun ahead of time preferably. Make sure it fits in your hand, and it’s comfortable. When a threat presents itself, a matter of seconds can make the difference between life and death. Make sure you are 100% comfortable with your gun at all times.

Consider What You Wear

Now that you have your gun, decide how you will carry it. The most effective way to conceal carry is on your person with a concealment holster for women. It’s the fastest way to reach your gun should you need it. However, many women, especially those new to carrying concealed, prefer to carry their gun in a purse or bag. There are many great quality concealed carry accessories that are designed around your gun, such as purses and satchels that many women love. The only drawback is that these are a bit harder to reach your gun if you do have a need. Furthermore, you need to be aware of where your purse or backpack is at all times if you choose to have a gun in it.

If you choose to conceal carry on your person, then you’ll need to choose clothes that can hide your firearm. Odds are, if you choose to wear a tight red dress for a night out, you’ll have to utilize a concealed carry accessory, such as your purse. If you wear tight clothes on a daily basis, you’ll need to invest in a high-quality concealed carry accessory for everyday use. 

Another pro tip by Eclipse Holsters, a maker of the best custom gun holsters, is to carry your firearm with you at all times because you never know when you’ll need it. If you don’t have your firearm on you, it can’t save your life should you need it. Carrying concealed is all about being comfortable with your gun. If you carry everyday all day long, you’ll become very comfortable very quickly.

Be Sure Everyone Close to You Knows You’re Packing Heat

Now that you’ve invested in a gun and taken your concealed carry class and courses, you need to share the news with those closest to you so then they know they will be protected. Furthermore, you’ll need to educate your children on guns, as well as have a plan ready in case an intruder breaks into your home, or you need to use your gun while out and about. Having a set code ahead of time or a signal to tell your family to get down is a good idea.


Eclipse Holsters makes the best custom gun holsters, which is perfect for women. Choose your in the waistband holster, OWB (outside the waistband) double mag pouch, and so much more today!