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Eclipse Holsters

Owner & Operator Jessica Hazelaar

Born and raised in Alaska, a gun loving state, I grew up around guns but didn’t discover my passion for them until just a few years ago. I began making holsters in 2012 after my search for one for my brand new S&W Shield came up empty. Having a need and desire to carry my new pistol and nothing on the market for it at the time, I decided to take matters into my own hand and I set out determined to learn the process. I wanted to make a concealed holster that fit women more comfortably and had the customer service where women and novice could ask questions without fear of embarrassment. That original plan quickly evolved into making duty holsters for my husband in law enforcement and close friends within the competitive shooting world.

Eclipse Holsters officially opened our doors for business in March, 2013. From making holsters in cold frozen outdoor sheds of Alaska to a new shop in warm Williamsburg, Virginia, my passion for making quality holsters for gun owners and competitive shooters still remains #1. I remember placing an order for my first holster, nervous that I would be treated differently because I didn’t know “gun lingo” and thought my questions might sound silly. You will never have to worry about that here at Eclipse. I am committed to providing customer service that is unmatched in this field to every single person I am blessed to encounter.

Along with making quality holsters, I am a spouse, full time mother of 4 teenagers and their biggest fan, gun enthusiast, competitive shooter and 2nd Amendment supporter. While I do all of the custom work myself, I also have amazing people around me who are part of the Eclipse team. With the unfailing support of my husband and close friends we have, and still do, devote hundreds of hours into learning, developing, testing and evaluating different guns and holster designs to create a product line that proudly bears the Eclipse name. I am blessed to own my own company and have the opportunity to work with my hands creating superior, custom holsters for people all over the world.

Thank you for your support and encouragement. Best regards and happy shooting!