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How To Decide Which EDC Items You Need

How To Decide Which EDC Items You Need

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of cool EDC gear around these parts. We’ve written about the stuff we carry on a number of different occasions, but that kind of got us thinking — how do people decide what they need to have with them on a daily basis?

It’s a good question. Why do some people need some things and others don’t? How often are you going to have a  need for the items you’re carrying? How do you decide which ones make the cut?

As makers of custom Kydex holsters, these are questions that we’d like to explore a bit. As luck would have it, that’s exactly what we’ll be doing in today’s blog post, so keep reading to learn more.

Differentiating Between Wants and Needs

The average person who shares our interests probably has an EDC loadout containing the following items: keys, smartphone, wallet, pocket knife, and firearm. Just within that small assortment of items, you have to choose a keychain, what type of cell phone you prefer, the style of wallet that suits you, what kind of pocket knife you’ll use, and which firearm best suits the situation as well as the type of holster you’ll carry it in.

Other items that the average person might want to carry include handkerchiefs, notebooks, tactical pens, cell phone chargers, multitools, bottle openers, and the like. In other words, the list goes on and on.

That’s why it is important when thinking about which EDC items you really need to make the differentiation between something you think is cool and just want and something you’ll actually use on a daily basis. After all, no one wants to get bogged down with a bunch of stuff they’ll never have a need for.

Our Advice

Having options certainly isn’t a bad thing, but carrying an item every single day just for the sake of it is. You’re limited to having a certain number of pockets, and while you should carry items that you’ll find a use for regularly, you shouldn’t load up every single pocket with items. This is especially true for specialty items.

For example, the vast majority of people probably don’t need to carry around a pack of waterproof matches in an airtight canister.

Is that a bad thing to have? No. Is it something you’re going to need today, or tomorrow, or in the next month? Probably not.

Our advice is to really think about what your average day looks like and plan accordingly. You know what your needs are, and having the items you’ll use throughout the day is always going to be in your best interest.

Custom Made Holsters For Everyone

If you have a need for a custom made holster, we can help! Our Kydex gun holsters are available in a number of different configurations, ensuring that there’s something for every need and preference.

Take a look atour holsters, feel free to explore the rest of our website, andcontact us if you have any questions. We hope you’ll choose to make one of our custom Kydex holsters a part of your everyday carry items!