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Kydex Gun Holsters and Basic Firearm Safety


Here at Eclipse Holsters, we understand the seriousness of owning a gun. You have the right to defend your family from any harm, but you must handle your gun responsibly, which is why we make kydex gun holsters. It’s imperative that you safely store your gun when you carry. Today, we would like to offer some basic firearm safety tips:

Always Handle a Firearm As If It’s Loaded

Each year, people unintentionally shoot others when they assume the gun is unloaded. This is why you should always handle your gun as if it’s loaded. Failing to so so could cost a life. As you grow more comfortable handling your firearm, you could slack on this rule, so make sure to always treat your gun as if it’s a loaded weapon.

Keep Your Gun Pointed in a Safe Direction

Unfortunately, experienced gun owners break this rule frequently, so don’t be that guy. Keep your gun pointed in a direction where negligent discharge would cause no injuries at all and as little property damage as possible.

What’s the safest direction to point your firearm? Downrange is always your best bet as long as there are no people or pets in that direction.

Only Put Your Finger on the Trigger When You Intend to Shoot

When you’re not shooting your gun, your finger should not be on the trigger. If you bump into something, you could accidentally discharge your weapon, hurting or killing yourself or others.

Remain Aware of Your Surroundings

Make sure you always remain aware of what’s in your line of fire. Chances are, if you’re in a professional gun range, this won’t be a problem. However, if you are engaged in target practice on your property, this is an important rule to follow. Know your target, backstop and even beyond this area.

Wear a Kydex Gun Holster

At Eclipse Holsters, we make a variety of different kydex holsters to accommodate all kinds of makes and models of guns. We make both outside-the-waistband (OWB) and inside-the-waistband (IWB) holsters. Which would be best for you?

IWB Holsters

IWB holsters tend to conceal better than OWB holsters because they leave less of a print underneath your shirt. Many prefer to wear IWB holsters during hotter weather as OWB holsters need to be concealed underneath a jacket or vest.

That said, you’ll need to buy oversized clothing to comfortably wear your IWB holster. If you wear your regular-sized clothing, the waistband of your pants will feel very tight and uncomfortable.

OWB Holsters

OWB holsters tend to fit more comfortably, but they will need to be concealed underneath other clothing. One of the biggest perks of OWB holsters besides their comfort level is their ability to provide a smooth, quick draw. We also offer more design choices with OWB holsters to better suit your tastes.

Lifetime Guarantee

Our holster manufacturers stand behind the quality of our products so much that we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our products. If you place an order over $60 within the United States, we’ll even ship your holster for free.Shop our selection of custom gun holsters and more at Eclipse Holsters.