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Kydex Gun Holsters: OWB Or IWB?


As a deadly weapon, guns must be handled with the highest levels of safety and care. If you are carrying a gun, you need to do so in the safest manner possible. Eclipse Holsters manufactures both in the waistband holsters (IWB)  and outside the waistband holsters (OWB). All of our holsters are made out of kydex, and we custom make gun holsters, but we also provide ready-to-ship holsters as well. Both IWB and OWB holsters have their pros and cons, which we would like to discuss today.

IWB Holsters Conceal More Easily Than OWB Holsters

When you wear an IWB holster, you’ll find that it’s easier to hide underneath your clothes than anOWB holster. IWB holsters leave less of a “print” underneath your clothes. When you wear an IWB holster, you can conceal it underneath your clothes because they can ride higher without revealing the holster. If you are wearing a holster and reach for something high, you’ll most likely expose an OWB holster. However, an IWB holster could still be concealed.

IWBs Are Better In Hotter Weather

IWB holsters are a more popular choice in hotter weather than OWB holsters. In order to conceal your OWB holster, you’ll have to wear a jacket or vest. If you live in the South, this may not be an option certain times of the year because of the scorching heat and humidity. However, when you wear an IWB holster, you can conceal it underneath an untucked shirt.

IWB Holsters Require Oversized Clothing

If you have an IWB holster, you could be wearing it all day, which is why it’s important to feel comfortable. For optimal comfort, you’ll need to buy pants, shorts, and skirts in slightly bigger sizes in order to accommodate an IWB holster.

OWB Holsters Are More Comfortable

OWB holsters need to fit closely against your lower torso in order to remain concealed. Some popular OWB holsters feature belt loops to prevent the gun from tilting out, which provides more comfort.

OWB Provide Smooth, Quick Draws

IWB holsters hold the weapon tighter to the body than OWB holsters, which means that your fingers will have to dig a little deeper in order to draw your gun. Therefore, drawing a gun out of an IWB holster could be slower than an OWB holster.

OWB Holsters Have More Design Choices

OWB holsters offer more designs than IWB holster, which is definitely a good thing. However, we offer a wide selection of both IWB holsters and OWB holsters to choose from at Eclipse Holsters.

Why Not Have Both Types?

Both IWB holsters and OWB holsters have their pros and cons, so why not have both types of kydex gun holsters? You might use your IWB holster more during the hotter months of the year and then switch to an OWB holster when the weather gets colder. We’re all human, so it’s natural for our weight to fluctuate throughout the year, so an OWB holster would definitely feel more comfortable when you’ve indulged in your favorite comfort foods a bit more than usual. Check out our selection of kydex gun holsters at Eclipse Holsters today to find the right holster for you.