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Kydex Gun Holsters Vs. Leather Gun Holsters

Kydex Gun Holsters Vs. Leather Gun Holsters

Are you searching for the right holster for your gun? Since 2013, we’ve manufactured quality Kydex gun holsters at Eclipse Holsters. If you are in the market for your first gun holster, you might not even know what kydex is. The gun holsters displayed on the silver screen generally are leather holsters. Leather has a certain appeal; people love the smell, feel, and look of quality leather. However, not all leathers are created equal; the highest-quality leather is made from the entire hide, but the lowest-quality leather is constructed from scraps that are glued together. Today, we would like to discuss the benefits of purchasing a kydex holster:


If you live in a humid climate or an area where it snows or rains frequently, a leather holster may be less-than-ideal. Not only does leather attract moisture, including sweat, but it retains moisture as well. When a leather holster retains water, it dampens your gun, which causes it to rust. However, a kydex holster can simply be wiped off when it is exposed to water or sweat, keeping your gun dry and rust-free.

Maintains Its Shape

Even the highest-quality leather holsters can lose their shape over time, and they lose their shape even faster if they are exposed to dampness of any kind. Kydex holsters keep their shape, making it easy for the wearer to re-holster her gun.


One of the biggest advantages of kydex holsters is their excellent retention. If you roll or fall wearing a leather holster, your pistol could accidentally disengage, which could have fatal results. On the other hand, our kydex gun holsters offer superior retention levels, keeping you and the people around you safe at all times.


Kydex is lighter and thinner than leather, which makes it more comfortable and easier to conceal than a leather holster. When you are carrying a gun for long periods of time, comfort is key, which is why kydex is the better option.

Quick Draw

When in a life or death situation, a quick draw could save your life. The interior of kydex holsters have a smooth plastic texture, which allows for high-speed draws. The interior of leather holsters have a less smooth texture, which creates friction, causing drag and slowing down the draw.

Our Ready-To-Ship Kydex Holsters

Although we manufacture custom gun holsters at Eclipse Holsters, they take time to make in order to meet your unique needs. However, we offerready-to-ship holsters that are in stock and ready to ship immediately. Our holster manufacturers feature a variety of both outside-the-waistband holsters as well as in-the-waistband holsters available for immediate shipment. If you need a holster for your Glock, we feature a variety ofIWB kydex holsters and aOWB holster readily available. If you are looking for a tourniquet carrier for your belt or military gear, check out outPhlster Flat Pack Tourniquet Carrier. Available for immediate shipment, we have a variety of carry options available, including belt loops, a Malice strap, and industrial velcro.

If you want a high-quality gun holster, purchase one of our kydex gun holsters at Eclipse Holsters. Each ready-to-ship holster and custom gun holster is made with care, ensuring that you carry your weapon as safely as possible. Feel free to contact our holster manufacturers if you have any questions or concerns.