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More Concealed Carry Tips for Women

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Eclipse Holsters is a woman-owned gun holster manufacturer that makes the best gun holsters and concealed carry accessories. We are passionate about helping women feel more comfortable around guns, as well as learn about guns so that they can then learn to protect themselves and their loved ones from the crazy, random shootings that could happen anytime at any place. In our last blog post, we discussed some tips for women to conceal carry. In this blog post, we’ll discuss even more tips for women to conceal carry. Order your custom gun holster today!


Practice, Practice, Practice

This concealed carry tip is for everyone but is especially applicable to women. Perhaps your first gun experience was taking the concealed carry course. Eclipse Holsters sees the following scenario frequently: you take the concealed carry course, are super pumped to get your gun, you get your gun, you shoot it, and then life moves on and the gun collects dust somewhere and hasn’t been fired in years. Don’t let this happen to you. It takes time to get used to your new firearm, and more often than not, you will probably switch firearms as well at some point in your life because you’ll find something that works better for you.

Know the Laws

When you take the concealed carry handgun course in your state, they will cover everything you need to know about reciprocity of states and all the other applicable gun laws you’ll need to know, like when you get pulled over by a police officer for speeding. Also, staying somewhat involved in gun rights is a good idea as well since you are now a gun owner and want to protect your right to protect yourself from bad guys.

Experiment with Different Forms of Concealed Carry

In our last blog post, we mentioned how women need to consider their wardrobe when carrying concealed. Another concurrent consideration for women is to experiment with where they want to carry their gun if they are considering on-person carry. There are many options for concealment holsters for women, including ankle carry, thigh carry, belt carry, bra carry, and belly and/or corset carry. What it will come down to is comfort. For some women, a belt carry is bothersome because it pokes them in the belly while sitting down. The same can be said for a belly band. Furthermore, safety will be an issue as well as the trigger must be protected at all times so you don’t accidentally fire the gun and hurt you or others. This is where at top-notch custom gun holster from Eclipse Holsters that is form-fitting to your gun is worth it. Not only will you have easy access, but it will be a lot more comfortable for you to wear and carry. Let’s face it, a gun does you no good if you can’t find a comfortable place to wear it, and thus you don’t end up carrying it.

Eclipse Holsters recommends that you experiment with different types of concealed carry and see what works for you. You can also experiment with different types of gun holsters, including our custom gun holsters. Consider our Delta Holster (IWB or inside the waistband) that helps push the gun closer to your body that makes the gun more concealable, which is great for women and women’s clothing. Or, try the Eclipse Tuckable Holster (IWB) that is fully customizable for you.

Many women have many different forms of carry, depending on their situation for the day. For example, if you do have a formal dinner where you have to wear a tight dress, a purse carry may be your option for the night. Fanny packs are also popular for long hikes or when you are outdoors all day long. The beauty of the concealed carry market today is that there are a plethora of options that will work for you.


Eclipse Holsters makes the best custom made gun holster and concealed mag pouches. From carrying inside the waistband or out, we have the style to fit you and your firearm. We also make concealment holsters for women that are customized with an image of your choosing for the ultimate in personalization. Whether you are in need of the best lunar dump trays or a magnetic gun mount, we have what you need for all your firearm and concealed carry needs. Visit us online, and order today!