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The Story of How Eclipse Holsters Got Its Start

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If you own one of our products, whether it’s a custom holster that allowed you to figure out all of the details to get something perfect for you or a Kydex holster given to you as a gift from a loved one, then you know how great they are. At Eclipse Holsters, we go above and beyond to show our clients what it means to own an incredible holster.

With an unbeatable lifetime guarantee and a commitment to quality, our products are loved by everyone who gets their hands on one! We don’t take this for granted, and we’re incredibly thankful for the people who make it all possible.

Have you ever wondered what our story is or how we got our start? We’re sharing a bit about the beginning days of Eclipse Holsters in today’s post, so keep reading to learn more!

The Search for the Perfect Holster

Our owner, Jessica Hazelaar, grew up as someone passionate about guns. Unfortunately, when she was on a quest to find the perfect holster for her Smith and Wesson Shield, she couldn’t quite find anything that worked. As a woman, she wanted something that she could carry comfortably. She knew that she’d need to take matters into her own hands, and that’s what led her to the decision to learn the art of holster making. 

As things progressed, Jessica grew passionate about the process, and that sparked the desire to become one of the best holster manufacturers on the market today. With a growing number of women becoming interested in firearms and searching for the right concealed carry holsters, Jessica also wanted to create a company that catered to women, a place that they could turn to have their questions answered without feeling intimidated or embarrassed. That’s when Eclipse Holsters was born.

High Quality Holsters For Everyone

What does the best gun holster look like? The answer is that it depends, but the good news is that our company can help you to find it. Whether you’re “in the know” and up-to-date on the latest gun lingo or you take a more casual approach, we want you to know that you fit in at Eclipse Holsters.

Have a question about any part of the process? We would genuinely love nothing more than to answer it and to steer you in the right direction. At the end of the day, we want you to end up with something that works wonderfully for your specific needs. The lifetime guarantee ensures that you can always count on it when you need it the most. 

Our Customers Are Our Top Priority

You canlearn more about our story here, or if you’re curious about life in our shop, be sure tolike us on Facebook to stay up to date with new products, important updates, and even some incredible giveaways.

When it comes right down to it, we exist to provide our customers with everything they need. Feel free to browse our website to find the perfect holster,contact us with questions, or place your order today! We’re glad to have you.