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What are the famous gun movies Hollywood made?

Hollywood’s obsession with guns is found in various movies from John Wick to Equilibrium. In the recent past, many directors are trying hard to showcase the finest action-packed scenes with notable action heroes performing with six-pack bodies. Long live the gun culture in Hollywood so as in the British and Australian movies that are no less popular in making several spine-chilling action movies where the guns are the key props!

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Let’s take a quick jibe at some of the most fascinating Hollywood movies featuring the best guns

John Wick Trilogy

This trilogy starring Keanu Reeves fascinates action-loving movie lovers where the story begins with an ex-hitman coming out of retirement to avenge the murder of his dog and to take back his car. The second chapter delves into a scenario when John reveals that a large bounty is put on his life and he tracked down the gangsters with enthralling action sequences and Keanu’s amazing gun movements. The third installment of the movie named Parabellum also showoff multiple action sequences with guns and fighting scenes that move audiences. Your thirst for gun actions can be quenched with John Wick movies.


The 2002 movie starring Christian Bale and Sean Bean is an action drama about sleeve guns. Made as a direct answer to The Matrix, this movie is a dubbed gun-kata and incredible action portrayal of hand-to-hand martial arts with firearm fights. If you’re a Matrix fan, you would love seeing this gun movie where the sleeves provide the guns! Cool huh!

The Man with the Golden Gun 

A Roger Moore starring 1974 James Bond movie where the golden gun became the main protagonist from a mere prop! Even if you don’t like the Roger Moore starring James Bond movies, your liking for gun wars might be satisfied by watching this 007 movie.

007 James Bond Movies

Ian Fleming’s James Bond is the icon for eras. If you love watching the 007 movies then you shouldn’t have missed any of them since the great Sir Sean Connery started acting as James until the last one with Daniel Craig’s No Time to Die. The Walther PPK gun fascinates everyone that has appeared onscreen for the past several decades.

Do watch From Russia With Love, Dr. No, Goldfinger, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, No Time to Die, Skyfall, Spectre, and other Bond movies to enjoy the glamour of guns and action sequences.

The Equalizer 

Star Ultrastar, Glock 17, Glock 19, Springfield Armory XD, Colt Detective Special, Beretta 92FS, etc are some of the guns that are shown in the Equalizer movies starring Denzel Washington. The movie excites those who love watching the action genre. You’ll get chills with the intense acting of Denzel and his extraordinary gun moves.


Though the list of gun movies keeps going with Collateral, Taxi Driver, Extraction, and The Bourne Movies, we should talk about Netflix’s Polar starring Mads Mikkelsen and Vanessa Hudgens. The action implications are hard-hitting with the gradual unveiling of intense suspense.

Hollywood will never stop amazing us with their fierce gun movies. Let’s keep an eye on them and enjoy the dance of the firearms on the silver screen!