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What Does Your EDC Look Like?

what does youre edc look like

As you can probably imagine, as makers of kydex gun holsters, we’re pretty into the items we carry on a daily basis. Everyday carry items, also known as EDC, ensure that we are prepared for anything that the day throws our way. Whether you’re into that whole scene or not, the truth of the matter is that there are things we all need to have with us each and every day.

At Eclipse Holsters, we believe that the items we carry with us each day should be built to last. Each of our kydex gun holsters comes with a lifetime guarantee and we expect high quality standards from our EDC items. That’s why in today’s blog we’d like to highlight a few items that we enjoy and highlight a few of the ones that do it well.

A Few Common EDC Items

Pocket Notebooks

In this day and age, pocket notebooks can sometimes be seen as a relic of the distant past. After all, why carry a notebook when you can jot down notes in your phone? Trust us on this one though; grab a pocket notebook and carry it around for a few weeks. It will come in handy and be more useful than you can probably imagine.

Our Made in USA Suggestion:Field Notes


Once again, handkerchiefs aren’t nearly as common as they once were, but men and women alike could benefit from carrying a handkerchief more often. It’s one of those things you don’t realize how much you need until you start carrying it around. Use it to clean your glasses. Cover your mouth when you sneeze. Dust off the dashboard of your car. Trust us--you’ll use it much more than you think.

Our Made in USA Suggestion: Hav-A-Hank


Everyone should have a good wallet. Whether you only carry a debit card and your driver’s license or you also prefer to carry cash, ID cards, and everything else, a good bifold wallet will always do you right.

Our Made in USA Suggestion:Holtz Leather


You might not carry it every day, but when you have to take your laptop into work or bring a book to the coffee shop, you’ll be glad to have a good backpack. The best ones balance the fine line between being big enough to carry the essentials, but not being so big that it’s a pain to carry.

Our Made in USA Suggestion:Topo Designs Klettersack

Of Course You Need a Kydex Gun Holster

If you’ve found Eclipse Holsters, chances are that you also want one of our custom gun holsters as part of your EDC. If that’s the case, then you’re in the right spot! We are proud to offer a wide selection of holsters for you to choose from and the good news is that they’re all guaranteed to last a lifetime.Take a look at our collection, find the one that suits you best, and place your order today. We think you’re going to love your new holster!