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Magnetic Magazine Holster

Enhance your concealed carry experience with our innovative Magnetic Magazine Holster. Engineered for universal compatibility with a wide range of pistol magazines or metal objects, this pocket magazine holder is the ultimate solution for discreetly carrying extra rounds.

  • UNIVERSAL FIT, COMPATIBLE WITH ALL PISTOL MAGAZINES OR METAL OBJECTS– Magnetic  pocket magazine holder is designed for universal fitment for all magazines that fit a certain size. 
  • SECURELY CARRY EXTRA ROUNDS IN YOUR POCKET –Don’t carry concealed without having a spare magazine readily available Instead, secure it discreetly with the Magnetic pocket magazine carrier. 
  •  LOW PROFILE – With 3 available sizes for .380, 9/40 caliber and .45/10mm, you can carry with confidence.
  • RAPIDLY DEPLOYABLE IN AND CONCEALABLE – 1) Clip the Carrier to your pocket first. 2) Then slide your magazine into the magnet. 3) To retrieve, simply pull firmly, using one of your fingers to separate the magazine from the magnet as you pull.  

Elevate your concealed carry setup with the Magnetic Magazine Holster. Stay ready, stay concealed – order now and experience the next level of preparedness.