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Parts of a Gun

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Eclipse Holsters makes the best gun holsters in the industry. From IWB and OWB custom gun holsters to lunar dump trays and mag pouches, we offer everything you need in order to have the best fitting, most comfortable gun holster for you. We understand what an important choice this is since if your gun holster is not comfortable, odds are, you won’t use it or wear it for your concealed carry. Hence, we’ve dedicated our lives to making custom gun holsters to your specifications. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll fix it! In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the parts of a gun. Visit us online today to get started!


While there are many different types of firearms, from handguns, rifles, and shotguns, all guns have the same three basic component parts: the action, the stock, and the barrel.

The Action

The action of a gun is where all of the action takes place. You could say it’s the heart of the gun. It contains all of the parts necessary to load, fire, and eject your shell, or spent cartridge. Muzzleloaders typically don’t have actions since these are single-shot firearms.

The Stock

The stock (or handle for handguns) of a gun contains the butt (rear-portion) and the fore-end (front portion). The butt is what is used to brace the firearm against your shoulder in a shotgun or a rifle. The fore-end supports the receiver and carries the recoil from the barrel. Eclipse Holsters notes that it’s the part of the gun that you hold that is meant to help you hold the gun, aim it, and fire it.

The Barrel

The barrel of the gun is what you point when you want to shoot something. It’s where the bullet is ejected from. The barrel is usually distinguished by its metal tube (a long tub in shotguns or rifles and a short tube in handguns and pistols) that has a hole (or a bore) that provides the exit point for the bullet. When the trigger is pulled, the bullet is forced down the barrel and out the muzzle (the end of the barrel) by the force of expanding gas. Most barrels are made out of heavy-duty material in order to withstand the force of the bullet. Furthermore, the barrel of a gun is usually rifled, which means it has grooves on its inside, which causes the bullet to spin as its fired. This makes the bullet more stable and thus more accurate.


Ever since the invention of primitive firearms almost 1,000 years ago and the first recorded use of a firearm in the 14th century, we’ve needed something to hold our firearms in. Hence, the holster was born. Like firearms, gun holsters have evolved to become comfortable, sturdy, and easy to use. That being said, not all gun holsters are created equal, which is where Eclipse Holsters, the best gun holster company, steps in. Frustrated ourselves by the lack of quality gun holsters, we decided to create our own custom gun holster business so you can have the perfect fit for your gun. Partner with us today to see the difference a custom gun holster can make. Order now!