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Parts of a Holster

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One would think that a holster is a pretty simple item, but the best holsters are far from it. In order to execute their jobs well, they need to fit your firearm, but not be too tight or too loose. Concealed carry holsters need to be able to be small enough to hide on your person. And most importantly, holsters need to be comfortable to wear, or, let’s face it, you won’t carry. Eclipse Holsters makes the best gun holsters. We make both IWB and OWB holsters to suit your style of carry. We also manufacture in-the-waistband mag pouches and OWB mag pouches, as well as custom lunar dump trays. We offer the best Kydex holsters and everyday carry belts. In this blog post, we’ll go over the parts of a holster. Order your custom gun holster today!



The backplate of a holster is what sits against your back and what the gun itself leans against. It is usually made of one piece of leather that is soaked and softened so that it can be molded and shaped easier. The backplate needs to be comfortable since it is the part that sits against your back.


You’ll have some type of hardware on your custom gun holster, such as rivets that hold the backplate and the pocket portion together, if they aren’t sewn together. You may also have adjustment screws on the pocket portion of your custom gun holder in order to increase or decrease tension for your gun.

Pocket or Shell

The pocket, or the shell, is the other main component besides the backplate that holds your gun in place. Eclipse Holsters notes that this part is precisely molded to fit your gun. These can be made out of leather or out of a strong polymer plastic. It is crucial that this part of your custom holster fit your gun precisely so that your gun stays secure and does not move around while you are carrying it.

Belt Clip

The belt clips are what clip your holster to your belt and are usually adjustable so you can carry your gun how you like. Furthermore, the belt clip is where you can change the cant (the angle the gun sits). These need to be secure in order to keep your gun in place. You may also have decorative pieces, such as a reinforcement panel, on your holster, or other custom gun holster accessories. Some gun holsters also have the barrel of the gun covered or uncovered, depending on preference.


Eclipse Holsters is a family-owned and operated business that still has a human touch. Our owner handmakes all of the custom gun holsters to your exact specification. This not only ensures a top-notch product, but also ensures that you will never need another holster for that particular gun again (unless you just want another cool design we offer!). Eclipse Holsters makes the best gun holsters and a wide variety of other gun accessories, including lunar dump trays. Visit us online today to order yours!